Friday, 4 March 2011

Food Urchin Is Two Today

I very nearly forgot, today Food Urchin is two years old.

My where does the time go eh? I dunno. One minute there you are, sat on the sofa scratching around in your y-fronts with a great big orange stain on your string vest, thinking 'damn that spag bol was good, I really must write up the whole experience of cooking and eating this splendid dish and put it on the Internet for posterity.'

And then the next minute? Well you're still there, on the same sofa. Except it's actually two years down the line. You're still in the same grubby underwear, wearing the same string vest, albeit with a few more canteen medals on display. Still furiously tapping away in the vain hope that one day your dissenting voice will be heard out of a cast of thousands. I'll be honest here and say that's what motivates me to write. Well partly. The idea that one day, these aberrant, inane ramblings which focus on food will maybe lead to something else. Hopefully one day it will.

But like I said, that is only what partly motivates me to write. The flip side of this blogging malarky is that it gives me free rein to write tales of arsing about in the kitchen which is always fun. It also gives me impetus to try out different recipes and types of food, to go to new places, do unusual things, to eat, drink and be merry (like I need an excuse). But most important of all, it gives me the opportunity to meet new people. Two years have past and in that time I have met some great folk. Sure there's been the odd fly in the ointment but by and large it's all gravy. Better still, wonderful, firm friendships have been forged as a result of the blog. For instance, Mrs FU and I had a brilliant time last night at Bistro Bruno Loubert in the company of a couple from dearest Essex and I had lunch today at the excellent City Caphe with a certain babe from Burma. Food may be the medium but it's the conversation, the humour and the general good feel vibes that it cultivates, that's what I cherish above all. I may have lost the hair but beneath this shirt beats the fierce heart of a soppy, daffy, hippy. So given that, if Food Urchin only ever amounts to a hobby, a slightly crazy and obsessive one at that, it's one that I would be happy to continue for years to come.

Now I did have it in mind to make a film to commemorate the occasion but in true Food Urchin style, I didn't pull my finger out in time to get it done. So I thought a video of the twins who are also two (just) squishing out some bread dough would be adequate substitute.

So Happy Birthday

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